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Please pray for these&our prayer intentions. I pray we all have a Blessed February and Lent Season!!!!
Lord Jesus I pray for the following intentions and I kindly place them before your feet:

1) I continue to pray for the healing of my mom(Janina) from pre-fibrotic primary myleofibrosis. I pray for my mom’s protection and deliverance from Acute myeloid leukemia, bone marrow fibrosis, other cancers, blood clots,stroke, heart disease, atheosclerosis, fibrosis of liver&spleen,enlarged spleen&other other organs,anemia, accidents, unexpected&premature death, tragic death, enemies both known and unknown, satanic assaults,infirmities&curses. I am thank-ful my mom is responding to Hydroxyeura and aspirin treatment and that her wbc and platelets have come down to normal and I pray they continue to stay normal and that her RBC/retic rate and other hematological factors that were all normal at diagnosis will not go below normal as this medication has reduced normal blood work ratios to low normal.

2)I continue to pray for my own healing(Magdalena) from endometriosis, heavy&irregular periods, ibs, urinary tract infections, fibroids&ovarian cysts/abnormal growths, elevated CA125 levels, low iron/ferritin levels, inflammation/arthritis&spondylotitis, health,career/financial&relationship anxieties&excessive worries. I pray for my protection and deliverance from cancer/other diseases, blood clots,stroke, heart disease, accidents, unexpected&premature death, tragic death, enemies both known and unknown, satanic assaults,infirmities&curses. I have been taking SLYND for 8 weeks now and my bleeding and pain has been drastically reduced, but I have had some cyclic irregularities- I pray this progestine therapy of drospireone continues to work and that I may reach my full potential in life- not just let life pass me by as I have so many years due to my debilitating pains,heavy bleeding&fears/worries. I also pray for the missinformation about contraception and hormonal treatments to stop in the Churches.

3) I pray for God to give me the strength, grace, mercy, understanding, wisdom,the guidance to be able to overcome what is coming now(present) and during this February and coming up Lenten season and in the future. I continue to pray for a permanent job and for a Godly husband. I have suffered and experienced shaming, harassment, judgement for not being able to secure a permanent job in my career and for being 37 going on 38 and still not married and childless and also for choosing to stay chaste&modest. I know who I am in the Lord, and single or married my worth in God’s eyes doesn’t change- if it is God’s will for me to walk this life as a single person then I accept God’s will no matter how painful and hard it is and it is going to be. Of course I am open to love, marriage and having children.

4)Lord I continue to pray for the salvation&repentance of my entire family tree, friends, acquaintances, community. Please Lord forgive us our sins and grant eternal life to the deceased whose heart&salvation status you only know Lord and Lord lift the anxiety of any weary souls out there and help those in my family tree, community&those I am praying with and for who question their salvation through Christ Jesus, those who never feel good enough,pure enough for heaven and for eternity, those who doubt the power of the cross, those who are in some sort of earthly purgatory/perkatory- who are not sure about their eternity- Lord it is not your will that we perish in the fires of hell, but you came so we may have life.I also pray for the physical healing,emotional healing, financial blessings/provision, miracles for my entire family tree,friends,acquaintances&community.

5)I pray for the healing&protection of my aging pet cockatiel bird hen and all pets of this world. May you grant eternal life&rest to all pets whose hearts&salvation status only you know Lord. May they be protected by and watched over by your heavenly angels&saved souls in heaven including St.Francis of Assisi- the patron saint of animals/pets.

6) As the War in Ukraine continues- I pray for peace,prosperity,understanding,respect&unity between Catholics,Orthodox Christians, Anglicans, Protestants&other Christian Churches&denominations across the globe. I pray for the war in Ukraine and others wars/global conflicts to come to an end and for peace on the planet.

7)I pray for America,Canada&Western Nations for them to denounce late term abortions, pronoun/identity/carbon politics, socialism, communism, fascism, atheism, agnotiscism, sexism, racism, fundamentalism,religious indifference, to stop treating celebrities/politicians/rich athletes/sports organizations/sports- whether it be hockey or football,soccer as their Savior’s and Gods/Godesses. I also pray for the salvation and repentance of non-Christians living on Western lands and for God to deliver and protect us from those who enter our lands with the intend to harm not do good. I pray for revival in Western culture and nations and for North America&Western,Northern(Scandinavia)/Central Europe to return to their Christian roots, values, morals&traditions before Western civilization falls. I pray Christians will not be ashamed of preaching and believing that the only way to Heaven is through Jesus Christ. I also pray for Christians to stop sacrificing their beliefs in the name of political correctness or approval of non-Christian religions or sects, empty/broken sinful world and poor human/false leadership.

8) I pray for the sick, hurting, addicted, grieving, dying, lonely, the grieving, chronically/terminally ill, the homeless, the down trodden, those in constant pain, hungry, poor, starving, the impoverished,victims of violent&petty crimes, victims of war, child soldiers, victims of ethnocides&genocides,war/war crimes, the outcasts,the neglected, the mentally&physically disabled and challenged, castaways, the mentally ill, those impacted by human/child/organ/drug/sex trafficking, those suffering from sexual/emotional or physical abuse that Lord you would heal,save them emotionally&physically and deliver them. Please Lord send your angels to all these individuals and deliver these individuals from the suffering they face constantly and heal them.

9)I pray for all unspoken&spoken prayer requests of all who follow&pray for this Ministry and for Godly leadership and blessings.

10) I pray for those impacted by natural disasters(landslides/mudslides, earthquakes,hurricanes,tornadoes,volcanoes,floods,tsunamis/winter storms).

11) I pray for A and R struggling with alcoholism and weed /vaping addictions. Lord lift the addictions, falsehoods,emptiness, expose their lies&open blindfolds, let them turn to You and repent of their evil ways and seek professional help for their addictions. A is also struggling with laziness/lack of boundaries/poor work ethic and R has narcissistic/egoistic and life of the party personality.I pray for Kasia who continues to battle breast cancer. I pray for Wiktor who has been battling lung issues/financial issues who is now battling lime disease-Lord cure him and bless him- the disability office refuses to grant him his disability pension- pray that he gets a job he can physically handle with all his chronic issues to be able to support himself and his family. I pray for J to put her children above the needs of her alcoholic husband and his family, to stop obsessing with Aaron Rogers and Football and spend more time with her kids and with the Lord. Lord lift blindfolds in her home and protect her and her children from all evil,wicked ways, addictions, sin, show her your grace, mercy,forgiveness,light, and peace during this New Year and bring her back to the Church and to her own family- who love her and her children unconditionally. Lord please keep these people over your watch and care and heal them and may only your will be done in their lives.

12)Lord please show your grace,mercy,compassion,forgiveness,wisdom,guidance upon Americans&Canadians and the rest of the World. I pray may blindfolds,falsehoods,addictions,hatred,anger,division,lies,crimes, lying/liars, manipulations&manipulators,wolves in sheeps clothing,demonic attacks&influence, the culture/instruements of death&satan worshipping, laws and people/false leaders supporting sexual immoralities&mortal sins be lifted and exposed before the next Presidential&Federal/Parliamentary elections. I pray for Repentance,Forgiveness, Grace,Mercy, Peace, Truth, Salvation&Revival across our continent and for the protection of Christians and the Sanctity of marriage and life across the world this February and Lenten Season.I know we are in the end times- but it is never too late for Nations to turn back to Christ and Christian values/morals and I will continue to praying for the salvation and repentance of this broken and sinful world we live on. There is no salvation outside of Christ- without Christ&repentance nations cannot prosper nor hearts can change. I also pray for Godly and biblical leadership across Christian denominations and Church leadership levels including the Vatican. Revival, repentance, salvation,truth,grace Lord in your Church. Amen.

2 My brothers and sisters,[a] whenever you face trials of any kind, consider it nothing but joy, 3 because you know that the testing of your faith produces endurance; 4 and let endurance have its full effect, so that you may be mature and complete, lacking in nothing. James 1: 2-4.

Lead me in your truth, and teach me, for you are the God of my salvation; for you I wait all day long. Psalm 25:5

It is right for me to think this way about all of you, because you hold me in your heart, for all of you share in God’s grace with me, both in my imprisonment and in the defense and confirmation of the gospel. Philippians 1:7

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