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Please pray for Sean Kimberly and Melissa to restore their career and life financially prosperously. Bless the work of their hands successfully. Remove all blockages restore and shower them with many blessings and great opportunities in multiple folds in the name of Jesus Christ. Guide them to the right path of success security in their position. They are struggling in their jobs. They are in sales not getting a salary but only commission. Clear all blocks to their financial security allow abundance prosperity to flow their ways successfully to continue to support their aging sick parents financially Ask the Lord to bring them great wisdom strategies to attract clients. Through their work they should not borrow money from anyone. To condemn competitors and ill wishers utterances speaking judgements against their work and career. Pray for them to eliminate every plan plot of their ill wishers and competitors against the success of their work and career. Pray to reject for them the spirit of lack and want in their life and careers. Reject the spirit of ups and downs the spirit of financial setbacks in their life career and their work. Victorious against their competitors and ill wishers anoint them successfully. Spare them from any calamities that ll cause them misery. Ask to cover them with the Virgin Mary holy mantle successfully. Bless you all praying for our blessings. They thank the Lord Jesus Christ for their greatest blessings for them to succeed and prosper in their life and career. Thank you to the Lord for the answered prayers!

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