I lost my

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I lost my job please pray for me to get a good job with good salary so that I can take care of my parents children and my family and pay back my bank loans Amen

My son Nevin get failed in his 1st semester 3 paper and 2nd semester 6 paper please pray for him to get pass all his 9 papers so that he can set in 3rd semester classes and write the exam amen

My mother is not feeling well at all please pray for her to cure all her illness and give her strength and long peace full life amen

I am not feeling well at all I have breathing problem my nose is closed I have problem in my stomach gas sound I also have pain in my chest back head hand leg blood pressure and stress please pray for my health and cure all my illness and give me strength and forgive all my sins amen

Please pray for me and my family to protect us all from all illness and give us all long peace full long life amen

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