For repose soul

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For repose soul of my dear bro Peter who suddenly died 02 sept around 9 pm body turned cold, rushed to hospital. Dat he be forgiven entire life sins and be in heavenly paradise, amongst saints, angels, family blest peace, all household, legal documents, resolved peacefully.

For peace, repentance, forgiveness, unity of all Catholics and Christians world over in the Holy Spirit of Jesus.
Thanks for healing of my left ear and body fungus healed in Jesus name.
Healing spiritually, mentally, physically, ovaries medically, divorced daughter Asmitha heart broken, terribly upset, worrying me, pray dat she is blest with peace, diligent God fearing employed Catholic life partner, forgiveness to Abie, Carlton, Brian, Bethany in Jesus name, delivered fear of cats, success in repeated failure driving tests, in Jesus name i pray, amen.

Long jobless son, alroyd abandoned catholic faith married Moslem, against family wishes, renamed mohammad, date birth changed by aveena’s bro Alex, involved criminal activities, house breaking, robbing, ruining life, 4 children, using Christian name, claiming entire family property, threatening, sending police my house, changed padlocks, making us fearful, filed false legal cases thro Christian adv. Sheila Caeiro, Agnella, Janet, threatening removal of Ashmita from job, extradition, arrest, unwilling take legal share peacefully, tearing us to tears, dat he and Moslem family members are delivered from Islam, surrender to Jesus Christ, accept legally dues of my land, blest in careers, jobs, peace, Amen.

That brothers-in-law Alex, Atlee and wifes, Alroyd Mohammad, shaista family repents, undo wrongs, live peacefully, entire Moslem family surrenders to Jesus saved from fanatics, relatives, for glory of true God Abba in Jesus name Amen.

Forgiveness to Late wife Aveena Aurea her parents Fausta, and Assumption forgiven sins, cursings, abortions, unhealthy relations, lent monies secretly, got cheated, left family bankrupt, died in shock for Alroyd secretly married, Shaista mother Zubeda deceived marry with support of Gladys Pinto, Agnella, Janet, dat all kundu, minoo n others borrowed monies from Aveena, returns, sincerely, peacefully.

that Alroyd be delivered from his mother Aveena curses “you will never do good in life” and to daughter demand for divorce and dat I lose my job, have cancer and Tuberculosis.

That Goa builders Altab, Allauddin, lawyers dont usurp, but proceeds honestly of my small land piece long ago in exchange promised new homes fulfilled peacefully, as no end in peaceful sight especially Alroyd mohammad and his circle.
Repentance, forgiveness, healing Parkinson’s of housebound sister Josephine to late husband Patrick, parents, inlaws, son Linus, (muttering nonstop) daughter Lourdes, both jobless since long, attends holy mass, esp Linus recite rosary, blest with good jobs, holy marriage, in Jesus name i pray, Amen.

Healing of Atlee, Jennifer, Alex, families, repents, forgive one another, undo wrongs, live honestly. Also late Unk Reginald wife Jackin, romaldine, bostion 40 years not contacted us now suddenly turns for favors, they be grateful to God be humble, in jesus name I pray, Amen.

Deliverance, healing of jobless, alcholic Alfred fits, diabetes, stealing drinking habits, blest with church activities, good friends, wife Apoline be healed of vertigo, protected, job safety, travel, son joyal fares well school. Healing of neighbor Anthony with 2 young daughters to care.

That my residence, Ave Maria, delivered of evils, dangerous elements Hanif, sherry, Ronaldo, Paul cheating, harassing, elderly Christians residents, negligent dangerous repairs, documents misplaced, stolen, 7 years fraud, inducting moslems control non stop.

Yet another residence Hemraj, Ramdevji taken over Hindu fanatics, sachin badriya, kharwa shikshan, harassing Christians, turning vicious intention to evict, usurp our homes, delivered from threats, criminal negligence repairs, endangering life, limbs, misuse funds taken in our names, reminders me and below tenant floor between us may give way, collapse and seriously injure, kill us, giving deaf ears, in expectation to happen, usurp our homes like earlier tenants, be protected, in Jesus name I pray.

Deliverance, healing, unity, blessings Christians, Goa, india BJP party playing dirty politics, broken families, marriages, divorces, abortions separations, premature deaths, unemployment, scandals in Jesus name i pray.

Forgiveness to souls in purgatory, aborted, miscarriage children, world War II children, families, murdered, are healed, cleansed in Jesus blood, be in peaceful paradise, amen.

Thank you, Almighty God Yahweh, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit deliver us all from evils, protect, heal bless all Catholics, Christians, in Jesus Amen, amen.

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