Dear kind friends, We

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Dear kind friends,

We need prayers and masses for the following intentions:

1. memory problem;
2. dislocation of bones;
3. Sanae: brain injury;
4. sexual problem;
5. cure my myopia;
6. lack of sleep;
7. Sanae: health, strong faith and protection;
8. Sanae: a happy marriage for me;
9. Sanae: healthy, kind and inteligent children;
10. help me when I grow old or fall sick and when I die;
11. Sanae: master and doctorate degree;
12. Sanae: interchange in England, France, Italy, Germany and Japan;
13. Lara, her father and Lorraine: punishment for work exploitation; (justice)
14. Paulo César, Régis and Patrícia loira: alchoholic problem;
15. Yoko and Tsuyoshi: punishment (justice)
16. ancestors of Sagata, Kanno and Hashiguchi families,
17. help me donate all my wealth to the Church;
18. Romaria pilgrimage;
19. Sonia: job
20. good tenant

Thank you for kindness,

John Walker.

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