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A number of years ago I became somewhat involved with an occult group. I was involved in a ceremony and I know that this opened me up to demonic forces. Ever since then I’ve been suffering from spiritual/psychic attacks in my mind. At first this occult group seemed innocent but I later found out that these people are satanists. Although I don’t have any physical connection with these people anymore, I’m still being haunted by their spirits.
Please pray for the intercession of Mother Teresa to make these cruel and evil people from this occult group leave me alone for good! Please pray for the intercession of Mother Teresa to break any curse that’s been placed over me!

If you have any resources or advice that may be helpful to me that would bring an end to this torment in my mind please email me at polejam@gmail.com or you can call me on my Australian mobile phone which is +61451992654

Please also pray for my wonderful partner, her name is Amanda. She also had involvement with this occult group and she’s been struggling with similar problems. Please pray for the intercession of Mother Teresa so that Amanda would be protected from any evil that’s coming from these people from this occult group. Thank you.

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