God knows what we need even before we ask it in prayer. Even so, God wants us to approach Him in trust as our Loving Father. God wants us to pray for each other, for we are all brothers and sisters. Prayer is the means by which the Holy Spirit moves and opens up our hearts towards others.

We therefore invite you to share your prayer requests with our Mother Teresa parish family, and we ask you to pray for those who have provided their requests below.



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Let us pray together for…

  • Please pray for my daughter Nora and her husband who is struggling with blended family but they work very hard . Please pray oldest don Dominic who’s struggling and Luca who’s always angry . Please pray that they all come together and be a kind happy family . Please help them in the n as me of god . Amen Our family has do much stress in the last year we really needs help . Amen 🙏
  • Prayers requested for daughter who has a non-displaced shoulder fracture from a bike injury
  • Please pray for the healing of Denise EALY
  • My child is being bullied on the bus by a girl who bullies him non stop pushing verbally until he responds angrily. Then he gets in trouble for the angry response with detention. When reported his consequence is immediate and when he reports the bullying the response is we will investigate and it will take 20 days. So very wrong.
      Claudia says:

      We declare that You, Lord will be the light and salvation for those who are being bullied and mistreated so they will not have to be afraid.

  • Please pray for my sweet friend with an eating disorder and now has alcohol issues.
  • For the physical and mental well being of our Nolensville first responders
  • For Mother Teresa parishioners, the surrounding Nolensville community, and for the success of Saturday’s parish picnic.
  • I ask prayers for all those who are sick, especially with heart conditions.

“Prayer comes from our hearts and our voices and gives heart and voice to so many people do not know how to pray or who do not want to pray or for whom it is impossible to pray: we are the heart and the voice of these people, rising to Jesus, rising to the Father as intercessors.”

Pope Francis, Catechesis on Prayer, 12/16/20